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I have known Dennis for 12 years; he has helped me find solutions for many patients over the years. I was trained as a board certified specialist in Internal Medicine, but always having an interest in alternative healing. Dennis has an ever-deepening knowledge which I've found helpful in solving the health challenges of my patients. Walter C. Prehn, MD

Besides being a lifelong friend, Dennis has been an invaluable aid in helping me with my nutritional

problems. Although a Chef, I at times eat the wrong foods. He is very experienced and well-versed in diagnosing your needs & recommending proper supplements. His advice changed the status of my overall health & fitness; he also updates my supplements when necessary. Chef Mike Borassi in LA

Dennis is a great listener & incredibly knowledgeable in nutrition. He is constantly studying the latest in the field to bring what's new & improved to his clients. Marcus Porrino, ND

Dennis' education & experience make him an excellent informational resource and his gentle manner and compassion make him a "first line" referral for my clients. We are fortunate to have professionals like him in our community. Patricia Brooks, LCSW, PhD (Psychology)

Dennis was a nutrition consultant at my Integrative Medicine Pharmacy (Sonoma); he was always very professional & demonstrated extensive knowledge in his field. He was knowledgeable in the use of Homeopathic remedies & herbal medicines, and a very important part of our Integrated Health team of practitioners. Dan Philips, R.Ph. (Registered Pharmacist)

As a health practitioner for the past 35 years I've had many conversations with Dennis (over the years) & have been impressed with his knowledge of nutritional concepts & detailed biochemical

interactions. Also I'm pleased with his ability to tailor a plan which meets the awareness & possibility

of his clients' success in relation to their belief system. Dr. Dennis Casad, D.C.

As a social worker/caregiver, I would seek advice about nutrition, lifestyle changes, and herbs for my clients from Dennis. His experience & extensive educational background has helped many of my clients with various issues: anxiety, arthritis, dementia, depression, menopause. I highly

recommend his services. Nancy Long, MSW

As part of Sonoma Valley Hospital's Integrative Network, Dennis has presented his insights at various

events on topics such as diabetes, stress & inflammation, thyroid health, dietary "resolutions," and

supplements. He is a great speaker with a wealth of knowledge & a living testimonial of his teachings. His background as a herbalist working in a pharmacy gives him a unique understanding of the balance between natural & pharmaceutical medicine. Steven Lewis, Wellness Coordinator, SVH

I would highly recommend Dennis for nutritional counseling & guidance through the confusing array of "advice" out there. He brings a grounded foundation of validated science-based nutrition with a practical understanding of how to apply it to your specific needs. I've had the pleasure & opportunity to work with Dennis and observed his great manner & communication skills with all ages and a wide range of health concerns. He also is a skilled public speaker and non-judgmental in his approach. Paul Clark, Clinical Herbalist

Dennis is a professional, experienced at providing sound advice when counseling clients. He has an

impressive catalog of education & practical experience; his breadth of knowledge is remarkable, and he's approachable, warm, and without pretense. Celina Briggs, MBA, (Integrative Pharma Manager)

I've known Dennis for 6 years, and we've had many discussions concerning the role Nutrition plays in a person's health & vitality - a subject I'm interested in as a Registered Nurse & advocate for my own health. Apparent to me during this time is the wide range of knowledge that he has & how committed he's been to his interest in "functional healthcare." Vaughn Adkisson, RN

I've known Dennis for well over 20 years, and I'm constantly impressed by his depth of knowledge &

his remarkable ability to share this with people in an effective & straightforward way. He takes

complex information & makes it accessible & understandable. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Steven G. Jones, D.C.

Dennis Zerbo [email protected]