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Dennis L Zerbo, M.A., CNE, CNC

Functional/Integrative Nutritionist

Certified Nutrition Educator/Consultant & Herbalist

Petaluma - Serving Sonoma & Marin Counties

 *Individualized Coaching nutrition coaching geared to your metabolic type, history, belief system

* Acute & Chronic Issues: Adrenal/Hormonal, Allergies, Anxiety & Stress, Brain

health for mental clarity, Heart/Cardio health, Pre- and Post-Diabetes, Digestion &

Absorption (intestinal), Immune function, Inflammation, Insomnia, Thyroid; Prevention!

* Viable alternatives to statin drugs & education about cholesterol, Essential fats

* Endurance & greater energy in athletic events, working out, physical & mental labor

* Balancing Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, as well as ph levels (Acid/Alkaline)

* Pediatric Nutrition: Nourishing brain & nervous system; Pre- Perinatal nutrition

* Selective Supplement usage: "Functional Medicine" & Herbals where needed

* Weight Management: Sensible. long-term, including Thyroid issues

* Liver Regeneration: Detoxing from prescription & recreational drugs, etc.

* Selective Grocery Shopping to establish your Nutritional foundation

Personalized Consulting & My Philosophy

Are you confused by all the contradictions & disparate recommendations in the media as to how & what we should eat on that broad spectrum between "vegan" and "paleo?" Essential Fats, Cholesterol, and "Starches" are good examples of popular spin & mythology attached

to these nutrients, addressed to a "generic" population. Eating clean, wholesome foods & using supplements wisely should be a satisfying endeavor, not fear-based. Some of us are

"gluten-sensitive," many are not, and not all grains are "toxic," for example. Some of us do well eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but we don't want to "miss the forest for the trees" when looking at global dietary patterns.

Is there room for improvement in your eating habits, energy level(s), clarity of mind, rejuvenating sleep, overall "well-being?" Eating nourishing whole foods not only energizes the body, but also the brain! Simply stated, we can't easily separate mental & emotional health from the body.

I also take the "do no harm" ethic quite seriously. Where desired or appropriate, we can always seek alternatives to OTC or prescription drugs; likewise, interactions of these with herbals & supplements is easily referenced. I'm comfortable with an "integrative" approach if this is what works for you & your belief system, including working in tandem with your doctor.

Food selection, combining, and preparation - as well as supplement intake - are relatively unique to you and your needs. We are not all "metabolically" the same!

Dennis Zerbo [email protected]

(707)765-9094 Petaluma, CA